Farnborough to Heathrow Taxi?

Taxi from Farnborough to Heathrow? Heathrow to Farnborough taxi service? Taxi from Terminal 1,2,3,4 or 5 to Farnborough? 

Traveling time from Farnborough to Heathrow depends on the time of the day, the worst time is usually during Monday mornings between 0615 to 0900 hours (varies depending on road traffic incidents).  Note as well that your journey to Heathrow may become faster if you have a well experienced driver, to get to Heathrow airport from Farnborough, you may need a minimum of 40 minutes, experienced drivers sometimes can do it within 35 minutes.

Fast route from Farnborough to Heathrow Airport? We trained our drivers in routes to major destinations like Heathow airport and Gatwick airports.  The driver normally checks the traffic using the latest applications like Google maps, by using google maps, we could determined the fastest time and better routes from Farnborough to Heathrow airport.  Google maps provides valuable informations about traffic and any other incidents in the corridor of M3 and M25 en route to Heathrow.

With the current roadworks in M3 from Junction 2 to 4A (Fleet) on both directions, the taxi driver is only allowed of a maximum 50 mph speed limit, taxi drivers are restricted, we strongly suggest to allow extra time when traveling to Heathrow airport especially during busy hours.

Please add an extra 10 to 15 minutes when traveling from Farnborough to inner terminals in Heathrow airport (Terminals  2, 3, 4 and 5)