Farnborough Taxi Service?

List of Wards in Farnborough, Rushmoor, Hampshire, GU14

Cherrywood - Where you will find Farnborough Football Club, Cherrywood Rd, Farnborough GU14 8UD

Cove and Southwood - There are many business parks in Southwood, Farnborough including Cody Technology Park

Empress - you could find more about Empress ward by clicking the link.

Fernhill - covers the boundary of M3 (motorway) and is within the boundary of Hawley woods,

Knelwood - is within the boundaries of Reading and Farnborough road in the south.  Salesian College school could be found in Knellwood area.

St. Johns - within the west side of Farnborough between the railway and the motorway (M3), you could find Minley road runs through the centre of the St. Johns ward.

St. Marks - this includes North Camp including Farnborough aerodome and the military areas to the north of Basingstoke Canal.

West Heath - includes the area to the North side of Farnborough railway line and to the west side of Prospect road extending as far as the north side as the M3 motorway

Taxi service in Cherrywood? Cove? Fernhill, Knellwood? Southwood, St. Johns, St. Marks or West Heath in Farnborough GU14?  Call us if you need a local or taxi to Heathrow or Gatwick airports. 

Having a night out at any pubs in Farnborough?  Let us drive you from the local pubs in Farnborough, we have taxi drivers that will look after you, we recommend to book in advance as there are many pubs in Farnborough and passengers will call us at nearly the same time.

There are taxi service to The Swan Pub along Farnborough road, The Gloster Pub in O'Gorman Avenue, The Alexandra pub in Victoria road, Plough and Horses pub in Fleet road, we cover all the pubs within Farnborough.

Taxi from pubs in Farnborough?  CALL 01252 220147 - book your taxi in advance.

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